The people make up the church in Clonduff - and there are many who work diligently and do a fantastic (sometimes difficult) job to keep things running smoothly.                  Here are a few:-


Our Minister - Rev TA Conway

Elders / Kirk Session

Cecil Brown (Clerk of Session)

Aubrey Stewart

David Harmon

Joe McKnight

Joe Moorhead

Robert Graham

Ian Megaw

William Walsh

Office Bearers

Secretary - RA Kinley

Treasurer - B.Magennis

FWO Treasurer & United Appeal  - JB Moorhead

Gift Aid Treasurer - Joe Mcknight

Graveyard Convenors - R Graham & A Johnston

Church Property Committee


Rev Wm Orr

Alistair Johnston

RA Kinley

Adrian Megaw

Joseph Moorhead

Aubrey Stewart

William Walsh

Church Committee

P. Anderson,

D. Blakely,

Mrs. M. Brown,

J.Henning B.Agr

R Henning,

A. Johnston

R A. Kinley M.Sc., B.A.,

B. Magennis

A. Megaw

Mrs S Moorhead

Rev Wm Orr

Mrs. M. Stewart 

Trustees of Church Property

Paul Anderson

David Harmon

Walter Henning

RA Kinley

Joe McKnight


Shirley Moorhead

Secretary - Jayne Walsh

Treasurer - Dianne McKnight

Church magazines

Marjorie Brown


Alison Anderson LL.B.

Building Fund

Treasurer - Brian Magennis

Secretary - RA Kinley

Organisation Leaders

Other Roles

Sunday School Superintendent - William Walsh

Girl's Brigade Captain - Christine Megaw

Youth Fellowship Leaders - Paula Graham & Janette Magowan

Daniel's Band - Violet Graham & Lorraine Laffin

Youth Club - Joe McKnight

Bowls Club - Robert Graham

United Appeal Agent - Wendy Blakely

Church Property Caretaker - Mary Walsh

Graveyard Caretaker - Robert Graham