Youth Fellowship Page

Sundays 7:45pm - High School age and up to 20 years


Youth Fellowship usually meet after our evening services at approximately 7.45 pm.


The leaders seek to present the gospel in a way that will be relevant for the challenges which meet our young people today.

There is lively discussion and a lot of 'banter' as well as more serious teaching and bible study.They also meet with other Youth Fellowships in the area and attend various events together.

Leaders are Paula Graham and Janette Magowan

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YF at Hen Mtn 02-05-04d
YF at Hen Mtn 02-05-04c
YF at Hen Mtn 02-05-04b
YF at Hen Mtn 02-05-04a
YF at Clonachullion Hill 09-05-04a
YF at Clonachullion Hill 09-05-04b
YF at Clonachullion Hill 09-05-04c
Paula 2006