17th March 2020 - NOTICE BOARD COVID-19 UPDATE

From our minister Rev Andrew Conway.

          While it's no doubt the right decision, we're deeply sorry to announce that all services and activities in

          Hilltown and Clonduff Presbyterian Churches are cancelled until further notice.
          Video messages will be available in lieu of the regular services, as will recordings.
          We would count it a privilege to offer any practical assistance (e.g.collecting shopping, prescriptions etc) to anyone in need.

          Please contact us on this page or Andrew on 07752434730 for more information.

Videos and audio files of scheduled meetings are available by clicking here

          In the goodness of God the Christian Church has seen off various pandemics in its history, often even flourishing in the face

          of them. The same God is more than able to glorify his name in doing good to people today. We should all seek him earnestly.

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